A privilege to serve

One team was in an area where the church has been established for some time. They were able to ensure a supply of appropriate pain medications for a lady with terminal cancer. The lady was a new believer and was able to give a clear testimony of her new relationship with Jesus. During this time there was extreme flooding in an area where one of the churches was destroyed. Several church members received wounds and Chris was able to help advise on treatment plans. David and Chris have also been able to offer support to a new group of believers. A man from that village needed fairly major surgery. David was able to help by visiting and praying with them, and helping them to access funding for the treatment. In addition to this David was able to join with a hospital dental outreach team. The major purpose of the outreach was to strengthen the relationship between the NTM church planting team there and the head of the village. It was good also for David to be able to see his NTM co-worker’s every-day life. Please pray that the Lord will use these situations to speak to people’s hearts regarding His love and compassion and draw them to Himself.

At the moment Chris is in the UK for a few weeks study leave and to attend mandatory lectures at Cardiff University for the beginning of the second year of her Masters course. She is looking forward to seeing the rest of the students on the course that she has kept in touch with over the past year. She has enjoyed a lighter study load over the past couple of weeks with just reading and no formal written assignment deadlines but is ready to get her head down again.

Pray as the new academic year starts in the nursing school. Ask that David and Chris would be faithful as they teach the students and that they will have opportunities to encourage them in their walk with the Lord. Also to help them to grow in their understanding of what it means to be a Christian nurse, particularly in areas of integrity and compassion.

Please pray for David and Chris to be able to renew their visas, they are having to reapply under new terms. Also pray for them as they are apart.

David and Chris thank you for your partnership in prayer.

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