A privilege

The last few weeks of term were really hectic and challenging but Becky Noble made it to the graduation ceremony having completed both of the Biblical Studies courses. She is very thankful for the opportunity she had to spend the past year at North Cotes growing in understanding of God’s Word and learning more about how to walk with Him. To have so much spiritual input and various Christian meetings every day was a privilege. Having assignments to complete and verses to memorise, kept her daily immersed in God’s Word. To be suddenly out of that routine is quite a contrast. Please pray that Becky will continue to grow and that she will process this year well. It was often hard for her to take in so much all in one go!

Becky has been accepted to start the Cross-Cultural Communications Courses in September. Overall, she is really looking forward to it, except for the ‘Outdoor Survival Training’, which is one of the first things planned for September (her health-permitting). Please pray that she will not spend the summer being anxious about this!

The College is still very short of volunteers for the coming school year. Becky is particularly keen to hear good news about kitchen volunteers! To be provided with meals from the main college kitchen is really helpful as the study schedule is so busy and cooking facilities are limited in the dorm.

Becky has been waiting for two unrelated sets of medical test results. The good news, is that she is now discharged from one department. However, the results regarding an on-going condition were not as she had hoped. Pray that her health will improve in the coming years but, most importantly, please pray that Becky would trust the Lord with her future and look to Him each day. Also pray that a way can be found to manage her symptoms more effectively. This has been increasingly challenging in recent months.

A couple of weeks before the end of term Becky’s back “went”. She suddenly experienced extreme pain after just bending down. Moving around became very difficult. She is now doing much better but still experiencing some discomfort and is not back to normal yet. Your prayers for this additional concern are also appreciated.