A plan

Last week Aaron and Amy Speitelsbach who serve among the Glarro in Liberia, West Africa, travelled from the USA to Germany, to continue their home assignment. They are thankful to God for the safe and uncomplicated travel. They joined Aaron’s parents where they are having a holiday and afterwards will go back to their house with them.

Praise the Lord that their co-workers the Burkheads made it to the USA in time for a team meeting with their whole Glarro team. They were able to clear up some misunderstandings and develop a plan of how to best work on Bible lessons. They hope that they will now be able to develop them faster.

Unfortunately, their barrels filled with books are yet to be shipped. They hope they will be there soon, but in the meantime, they plan to drive to the village without them, after buying some supplies in Monrovia. Their co-worker Lesley also hopes to return to West Africa soon. The Burkheads will be on home assignment until February.

Aaron and Amy thank God for His goodness and kindness to them over these past months, and for the opportunity to be with family and friends for a short season. Pray for them as they spend time with Aaron’s family. Also, pray for their return trip to Liberia, and that despite it being the beginning of the rainy season they will be able to drive to the village in early September.

Aaron hopes to be able to use a booster on the very weak phone signal from Ivory Coast, which would enable them to get a better internet connection.

Thank you for your prayers for Aaron and Amy and the Glarro people.