A place to call home

“Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me. In my Father’s house are many mansions: if it were not so, I would have told you.” John 14:1-2a is especially meaningful as Fernando’s visa doesn’t allow him to return to Holland within six months of leaving there, the necessary letters for Daniel’s visa for Mozambique have not yet been received, and Tabitha’s visa for Brazil will expire in the middle of June.
Thankfully they have since been able to apply for a residence visa for Tabitha, which allows her to stay in Brazil until her other visa has been issued. Please pray for all these visa issues to soon be resolved so that they can return ‘home’ to Mozambique.
Fernando, Tabitha and Daniel are presently in Brazil, enjoying time with Fernando’s family and home church. They are thankful that they can stay in the guesthouse at the NTM training centre in Vianópolis and enjoy interacting with the students that are there to prepare for missions. They are keeping busy with paperwork, some medical check-ups, sharing at various meetings, and of course taking care of Daniel. They praise the Lord for the opportunity to be with family and friends. Pray that they can be a testimony to unbelieving family-members. Pray for Tabitha, as she finds the language and culture barriers with her in-law family challenging.
Looking back, Fernando and Tabitha’s time in the Netherlands was good, but busy. Of course the highlight was the arrival of Daniel into their lives on the 9th of February. During the weeks that followed they were able to get his Dutch and Brazilian passport, his first round of vaccinations, visit with quite a few people and pack up and say goodbyes again. They left for Brazil the 26th of March.
Daniel is doing well and growing into a tall boy. In Holland, which is considered one of the tallest nations, people would comment how small he was. In Brazil, where people are relatively short, everyone exclaims how big he is. He loves to be with people, giving smiles and ‘talking’. Pray for health and protection and for wisdom as Fernando and Tabitha raise Daniel.
They hope to leave for Mozambique as soon as they get Daniel’s visa. They had planned to arrive there the beginning of July but are having to postpone this now. Their substitute has to leave the 1st of July. Please pray for a solution for the school as the school year continues until the beginning of August. How good to know that we can place an unknown future into the hands of a known God!

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