A new school year

The student body is a bit smaller this year with only 49 students across the three courses (Bible School, Cross Cultural Communications, and Applied Linguistics).

The new students seem to be settling in well, and Geoff and Dar Gail have enjoyed getting to know them a bit already. They will continue to work with the Student Leaders (now called Dorm Assistants) this year to help facilitate a healthy, godly dorm environment. Please pray for the students as they commence this year of study that God will help them adjust (for many, English is their second language), that He will increase their understanding of Himself, and that He will equip them to spread the Gospel.

It is hard for Geoff and Dar Gail to believe that two months have gone by since they welcomed Zachary into their family. Gracie has adjusted well to having a little brother and loves the “baby.”  Praise God for this new addition to their family.

Geoff, Dar Gail and family will be visiting Northern Ireland for three weeks in October.

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