A new school year

The next school year is about to begin for Becky Noble who is supporting church planting in Papua New Guinea through teaching music at Numonohi Christian Academy. There has been a short delay due to some pandemic-related “surprises” but they are now on track to start on Monday 9th August.

Becky says, “You might think that by my fourth year I would know what I was doing and feel confident in my role here but I was trained to be a secondary school music teacher and this will be the first year I do not have any secondary music classes. My role will mainly involve teaching primary music and secondary Tok Pisin.” While Becky gained some experience last year, she is not able to repeat most of the lessons used previously and, therefore, has a lot of new material to prepare. Using unfamiliar material for the first time is a lot of work and Becky would definitely value your prayers.

As well as teaching Tok Pisin to the older students, she may also have opportunities to work with some of them in choir and to prepare music for the weekly school assemblies.

Pray for the new head teacher and deputy head as they navigate the school through this year where COVID continues to make things uncertain.

Becky would also appreciate your prayers as she explains the meaning of Scripture verse songs that they learn each week in music class. Pray for the words to impact the heart and mind of each student. She plans to introduce this practice into the Tok Pisin lessons too, starting with putting John 3:16 in Tok Pisin to music.

Continue to pray that Becky would be a good example to the students and to her local PNG friends. A few are clearly believers but unhelpful religious teaching influences some. Pray that she would use every opportunity to share the truth of Scriptures with them.  She have been encouraged to continue weekly Bible studies in Tok Pisin. Recently a friend attended for the first time since January! Please pray that both friends, who she started the studies for, would be committed and for wisdom as to whether to invite another to join.

Becky is thankful to have been able to go to town recently for the first time in seven months and to have the opportunity to spend a long weekend with friends working in another part of the country, visiting the hospital, school and church. It was a special few days.