A new role

Regina Kowert has already been back in Germany four months! It has been a busy but time but she also had some time to rest.

Regina will join the ethnos360 (formerly NTM) member care team in Germany although she will mostly focus on missionary kids and public relations. She has spent a week in England to visit friends and prayer partners and sat in some Pre Field Orientation classes for those serving short term. Pray for Regina as she has lots to learn and settles into her new role.

This month, Regina was able to share about her experience of transitions at a re-entry weekend for those returning from short term missions. She also helped with the candidate days: a time when missionaries about to serve for the first time get some preparation and advice about health care, public relations, insurances, finances and so on.

Regina also took the opportunity to attend a one-week seminary about “pastoral care”. It was very basic but she has the chance to deepen it with another training that builds on what she has learned. The first part of the training will be in December and she will learn more about family influence and relationship to God. She would appreciate your prayers.

Contact with her friends in Senegal is ongoing. Pray for a family that have had some difficult times. Recently the son was bitten on his lips by a horse. Also, pray for the lady Regina shared accommodation with In Senegal. She has left her job and started to have some mission training. She often shared how God kept pointing her to be involved in mission but she was unsure and did not know if the church would support her vision. They seem to do so. However, it is still a challenge for her. Pray for God’s help and guidance.

Pray for Regina as she has some events to plan for church and ministry. Pray that she would be a good learner and a helpful co-worker. Pray for God’s impact in her life and for good mentors too as she desires to grow in her relationship with God and love for others.