A ’new normal’

Hannah has settled back into life in Australia and found a ‘new normal’. She was able to jump back into life in Australia and quickly feel involved again, for which she is thankful.

Hannah is amazed and thankful for having God with her each day. Having the greatest being in the whole universe, listening to her share her concerns and helping her when the bumps come her way.

Hannah was able to help run a Sunday school in her church since being back. This was a good experience; learning how to juggle full-time work and serving in her local church.
As Sunday school has finished for the year, so has her work. Hannah spent the past couple of months working with an enviromental consultancy company, which works primarily with goldmines and other mine sites in the region. She is enjoying having a bit of time to catch up with everything once again. She is thankful to God for the work He provided for this time.

Between work and Sunday school there was not much spare time in the week to seek direction from people and organisations (though she did seek God’s direction a lot!). So in a sense communicating with people and getting information in regards to possible overseas service has unfortunately sat on the backburner. However, God has used this time to confirm that He still does want her to serve Him overseas amongst unreached people groups. It’s estimated that of the 7.3 billion people in the world, 3.1 billion have little, or no access, to the Gospel. (www.joshuaproject.net). Living in a country where nearly everyone has access to the Gospel if they want to, makes her heart sad.

At this point, it seems like this New Tribes Mission Australia (Crossview) will become her sending organisation.
In the next couple of weeks Hannah will be spending time seeking God’s direction in this. Please pray for guidance for 2017 and then long term ministry opportunities.

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