A new home

s Regina’s apartment was not ready, she was able to live with them for three weeks. She was also able to show them around a little bit, as so many things are different in Senegal, even taking out the rubbish is a different experience.

The longer Regina lives in Senegal, the deeper her impression is that she really does not know much. In addition, there is so much more to learn and understand. For example, every morning she walks by a football field and sees a few men drumming. For a while, she thought ‘it´s a bit of a monotonous rhythm but why not?’ It turns out they are dyeing and beating fabric. The beating is Senegal’s fashion secret for shiny fabric.

Also pray for her language and culture study. Pray that she will make good friends and be open for relationships with unbelievers. Pray for a heart that looks upon the Lord and trusts him in everything.

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