A new chapter

With their final goal in mind: Teaching God’s Word to people that have never heard the Gospel and translating the New Testament into their language so they can read it for themselves, Barnabas and Tabea Brownridge recently finished their training at North Cotes College. They thank God for His help during the weeks of their final language project, and for giving them strength when things felt a bit monotonous. Finishing this chapter also means starting a new one!

They plan to get more involved with their church in Lincoln, to strengthen relationships with the church and invest more of their time and effort into the ministry there. While this is exciting for them, finding a place to live in Lincoln is proving to be difficult. They are looking to the Lord to provide a place for them!

Praise Points

  • They are thankful for the way God helped them through the final (challenging!) linguistic project.
  • They are grateful for the upcoming summer break and being able to see family and friends.
  • The ‘Make A Difference’ conference in June was a really good time of fellowship, missionary reports and challenging messages. It is always encouraging to hear from other missionaries and their journey with the Lord!

Prayer Points

  • That God would provide somewhere in or near Lincoln for them to live.
  • For their trip to Mexico in September, that God would protect them, that the trip would be helpful, and that they would know His leading and guiding.
  • That they would continue to keep their eyes on Jesus, prioritise spending time with Him and in His Word and put Him first in everything they do.

Thank you for your prayers for Barnabas and Tabea.