A month of thanksgiving

The month of Thanksgiving has always been a special month, but for Phil and Elin Henderson it has become even more significant over the past years. It was two years ago that Elin was diagnosed with cancer and began chemotherapy treatment. A year ago, she finished all of her treatment and was declared “cancer-free”. While she had been in quarantine because of her weak immune system she took online classes to finish her bachelors in nursing. Then, this year, she went from patient back to nurse, heading back to work again for the first time in over twenty years. She is working on a part-time basis to serve the local community and regain her skills.

Phil had a very busy September and October with travel and consultant work. He spent nearly the whole month of October in West Africa. The first few weeks he was leading two church-planting workshops and meeting with the various church-planting teams. Then, the final week he spent visiting one of the tribal works. It was a really good time for him and he left feeling encouraged with what God is doing among the unreached of West Africa.

This month he is preparing to teach a folk religion class for the students at the missionary training centre where they are living. They continue to enjoy interacting with the staff and students on the centre. God is answering prayers to send more labourers into the harvest. They feel privileged to have a small part in their preparation to be effective ministers of the Gospel.

Their children continue to do well. Elias is now part of the volunteer firefighting crew at the county fire department near his campus. He is doing well in his classes and enjoying his time at College of the Ozarks.

Callie was offered a full-time position at Eagle Sky Camp to continue working in housekeeping but also to help in their design and art projects.

From the Mozambique side Phil and Elin are encouraged to hear of a new outreach by the newest of the believer’s groups (located about two hours from where they live when in Mozambique). On their own, they have begun reaching out into two different parts of their community and doing Bible teaching being bold in their faith. They are trusting that the clear teaching of God’s Word, building precept on precept, will penetrate hearts.

Phil and Elin are hoping to return to Mozambique in March of next year for six months, and they have started the paperwork needed.

• For God to open the doors for them to be able to return to Mozambique in March and minister among the Mwinika once again (visas, tickets, health, etc.)
• For the Mwinika believers as they reach out to their communities, that the Word of God will continue to go forth and bear much fruit.
• For Phil as he teaches his upcoming classes
• For Elin as she starts work again – for strength and for opportunities to share the love of God in the local community.
• For Callie as she serves at Eagle Sky (and that she can get her drivers license soon)
• For Elias to continue strong and to be a blessing among the volunteer firefighters

Thank you for your continued prayers.