A month in PNG

“Many, O Lord my God, are your wonderful works which you have done!” Psalm 40:5

The highlight of the summer for Poul and Carol Joensen was the beautiful wedding of their son Jonathan to Megan. It was such a joyful day! Long before their relationship began, Poul and Carol were already friends with Megan’s parents, who work on the campus at North Cotes, and had previously been missionaries in Mexico.

In September, new and previous students returned to the college campus and they praise God for them. Poul and Carol’s main role is with the students in missionary training, teaching classes and as tutors for a couple of students to chat and help them throughout the year. They took time in October for a partial break and some opportunities to share at a few church meetings. November was very full. They finalised preparations for a weekend youth conference in the Faroe Islands. Poul and Carol, along with three other staff members and the Faroese mission representative led the weekend, along with volunteers who cooked etc. They were pleased to have 90 people attending, who were very attentive, and challenged about the need of missions and what it involves. Pray that they consider how and where they may use their lives faithfully for the Lord. Having returned to their teaching and ministries at North Cotes once again, they are ended the term with various Christmas festivities together!

Meanwhile, Poul is also continuing to read the Sorimi New Testament, checking the spelling and grammar, and that it is clear and natural for the reader. When he goes to Sorimi (mid Jan to mid Feb), he will then check it all again with believers there. He plans to have around two hour sessions with three groups of believers daily… making long and concentrated days for him, along with many other things that come up in jungle life and church discipleship. Poul and Carol greatly value your prayers for health, energy, wisdom, unity, commitment, etc. for him and those he works with there. The church is so excited that they will soon have the New Testament WORD of God in their own tongue as a written book.

They had concerns about Poul’s visa, as time was running short. But they received it on 5th January. It was also an answer to prayer to have the requested dates granted, as they had problems with his application last time, resulting in a last-minute change of tickets. Please continue to pray for other preparations he still needs to complete and the various travels and shopping towards flying into Sorimi next week. They trust the Lord again for His guidance, provision and enabling in all things, just as He has faithfully done over these past ten years since they have been back in the UK.

When Poul returns from PNG, he will continue to edit and format the Scriptures ready to send for printing, the first Sorimi Bibles! Praise God for all He has done and commit the completion of the New Testament to Him. They give God all the glory for the three churches in the Sorimi jungle of Papua New Guinea!

Thank you for your prayerful support of Poul, Carol and the Sorimi people.