A lot scheduled

Currently Jonathan and Heidi Bamford, who serve among the Isnag people of the Philippines, are holed up in their apartment in town. They have much fewer interruptions there than elsewhere, and are using the time to draft Bible lessons, and work on the Isnag Bible translation before they jump back into village life in less than a week.

Once they are back in the village, they have a lot of things scheduled. This month they plan to fix a major problem with the village water system and finish the retaining wall project. Thay also expect visits from two families and a single lady.

In late July and early August, they have two conferences with their fellow missionaries. A friend and Pastor from a supporting church in Canada will be the guest speaker.

Lord willing, most of August and September will be spent in the village.

In late September, they have a trip planned to the USA. One of the highlights being the expected arrival of their fourth grandchild in early November. Then, Lord willing, back to the Philippines.

Prayer and Praise:

  • For a chance to spend time with family recently.
  • They have this opportunity to concentrate on translation and lessons. Jonathan has drafted five chapters of Matthew and Heidi has done a lot of work on updating the back-to-English version to keep it accurate.
  • That their cement and steel bar for the retaining wall project arrived in the village while they were gone.
  • Please pray that their June visitors to the village will be encouraged.
  • Please pray for safety as Jonathan leads a group of men repairing the village water system. The leak is in the middle of a pipe suspended on a cable over the river. This will have to be lowered to work on and it is quite heavy.

Thank you for your prayers.