A long winter

By contrast, in the area where Dubby and Anna’s Senegalese co-worker is working in Senegal, it seems as though spring has come! He reported to Dubby last week that he and his colleagues had many scores of people asking for baptism! In order to prepare the candidates, they want each one to have about fifteen hours of teaching and training before allowing them to be baptised!
Four villages are involved in this awakening, all within a few miles of each other. However, they cannot be taught together since it is not easy for the older people to travel. In each village they wish to teach for three hours a day for five days. In addition to this organised teaching time, there will be hours of personal counselling.
Pray for Dubby and Anna’s Senegalese co-worker as he has much work in front of him.
Spring is still waiting as far as the Saafi people of Senegal are concerned. However, Dubby and Anna’s Senegalese co-worker continues to teach the small faithful group of five men and three ladies, who are studying Exodus with him every second Wednesday. Last week they studied Exodus 5.
Dubby continues to plod on with various projects to share the Gospel through the Internet, and a recent course has boosted his confidence in being able handle some of the technical stuff.
Anna is enjoying their temporary home help who keeps her busy with various activities, including trying out the violin! Anna is finding more difficulty keeping her balance when walking and has exercises to strengthen some muscles. They were disappointed to learn that Anna’s carer from Hungary is unable to continue as Anna’s full-time carer. Nevertheless, they trust the Lord to provide for their needs.
Dubby and Anna are visiting Copenhagen for a few days and then going on to the Faroes to visit family and assemblies who have supported them and the work in Senegal. They will return home in June.
Charlton is holding his own in University, studying computer science. He has end-of-year exams coming up soon.

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