A life lived for the Lord

This faithful Bible teacher went to school, wasn’t married yet and had no idea what God was going to do through him and in him in the coming years. Today he is, one of Ralf’s main translation helpers and a happily married husband with three daughters and a son. His heart is burning for His Lord and His Word.
A few weeks ago Ralf and this man went to the Dinangat church plant a four hour hike away. They went to be an encouragement to the church there and to strengthen them in their faith.
About a week ago Dinangat Bible teachers went with Ralf and Gary (Ralf’s co-worker) to a tribe about 20 minutes away with the helicopter to support a fellow NTM missionary. They met with the villagers and their leaders to hear from them whether they would want missionaries to come to their place or not. The two Dinangat Bible teachers played an important role in those meetings. Both of them explained very well what NTM is doing in Dinangat and answered all the questions those people had about that. One of them also gave his own personal testimony of how God through his Word made him a new person and how happy he is that he could hear the story of God in his own language.
Besides helping Ralf twice a week for three hours to translate the Bible, the faithful Dinangat Bible teacher is also one of the believers who teaches God’s Word on Sundays. Because of a recent incident in the village he warned the church body last Sunday to not let false teachings come into the village. Just a week ago a man came from town telling the people all sorts of false teaching. So the got all fired up and taught the church with different Bible passages and encouraged them to stand strong on the truth and to not let people like that confuse them and lead them to believe lies.

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