A joy to teach

John taught for one term at the National Training Centre. Among the classes he taught were 1 John, the Christian family, Hebrews, the Gospel of John and Philippians. All of the classes were small, between four to eight people. The students were from the islands of Papua, Sulawesi, Halmahera, Java and Kalimantan.
When John first arrived he was struggling with the language. It had been 21 years since he had used the language on a daily basis. After about a month he was able to speak fairly fluently. Thank you so much for helping him by praying.
John says, “Teaching people who have a desire to learn is so much fun.” God’s plan is for the teacher and the student to be prepared. John believes God teaches people who really want to learn His Word. Over the years he has taught many students: some who had a nonchalant attitude and others who were hungry for the Word of God. It is amazing how God teaches the hungry in heart. They learn more in a short time than others do in a lifetime. With this in mind, John’s prayer is, “Lord, please give me a hungry heart for You and Your Word.”
The students had different cultures, languages and skin colour but they were of the same mind, maintained the same love, were united in spirit and were intent on one purpose. It reminded John of what heaven will be like. What a joy to be a member of the body of Christ.
In the middle of December, John flew to the island where his son Paul and family are serving. John was there for almost three weeks. The joy of being with Paul and family was one of the highlights of his trip.
The young church is progressing and while John was there, two young men made an important decision. They offered to help Paul do the teaching. He has been doing most of the teaching by himself so this is an important answer to prayer.
Another item Paul has been praying about is for new team members. He is looking for someone who could take on the job of translating the Scriptures full-time. Recently a family who has just finished learning the national language agreed to join the team. Also two single ladies have just visited the work and they might also join the team. Continue to pray for this work to go forward.

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