A joy to see

Robert and Nicole found it a joy this summer to see that the Lord had added several people in the tribe to the church.

The believers had been reaching out with the chronological teaching at different places and there were requests from other villages where people also want to be taught. Pray for the believers for the strength and wisdom to meet these requests.

Also there was much interest for the audio Bibles this summer. Robert and Nicole had taken quite a few with them especially for the Iwalaqamalje dialect. Within a few days they were all taken by people from all the villages in the area.

They took a few audio Bibles for the Iqwaye and Gwase dialects on the other side of the tribe for the first time. On the Audio Bibles for these two dialects they also added the evangelistic Bible lessons with portions of the Bible. The believers from these dialects with whom Robert is working took them to their people and all came back with the request that next year Robert and Nicole need to bring many more because of the high level of interest. Pray that in these villages the Lord will also add more people to His church.

Robert and Nicole had a good time in the tribe. They were able to complete the translation of Esther and they also did more translation of Daniel, Exodus and Proverbs for the Iwalaqamalje believers. During the meetings there Robert taught the last chapters of James. With the Iqwaye believers and Gwase believers they worked on lessons and Bible portions.

This time Robert and Nicole didn’t need to hike from one side of the tribe to the other. They enjoyed using the new Kodiak plane which can take more weight and is more comfortable. However, they did wonder at the end of their time in the tribe if they would be able to fly out because the airstrip was closed because of high grass. They worked on the airstrip for a morning and did enough work for it to be opened again.

Robert and Nicole have now been back in the Netherlands for a month and are working on translation, Bible lessons and recording again. They will also visit some churches in the coming months.

Amos is doing some work experience in an orchid nursery in Germany. Elianne started the third year of her study and will get training at the eye clinic this year. Jorim has started at his new school and has a friend in his class who is also a Christian.

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