A is for…

Keep reading and find out some news about David and Christine Baxter who are serving at the mission school in Mexico:

ANSWERS! Many answers to the prayers you have been praying on their behalf this past month.

ARRIVED! David’s paperwork that he needed arrived in time.

APPOINTMENT! David has appointments in November for needed documentation and they would appreciate your prayers that all goes well.

AWESOME! They had an awesome Sports Day with the school and families earlier this month. Thanks so much for your prayers for fun, fellowship and safety. A great time was had by all!

ALREADY! They are already halfway through the school term and thank you for your prayers for the kids they are teaching and for themselves in their ministries as well.

ABBY! The Lord has provided for their daughter Abby to visit them for a few days in November. They are very happy that she can visit and also sort through the things she has stored. They appreciate your prayers for her trip.

ADVANCING! Advancing the Kingdom of God as David and Christine see the missionaries reach out to many tribes in Mexico, as well as others in Papua New Guinea and Tanzania, Africa. They also enjoy sharing the love of Jesus with their friends and neighbours as well.

APPRECIATION! That is what they feel for all who faithfully pray for them. Thank you so much!