A heartfelt message

The life of a missionary often gets thought of as exciting, full of adventure and change (and bugs! Don’t forget the bugs). Although this is a part of most missionaries lives, the truth is that much of their time is spent behind a desk studying complicated sentence structures or puzzling their way through the cultural norms that are part of life on the mission field. Many a day seems to just disappear in the myriad of other days that look the same. Sometimes for Vina the desire to reach the lost is overwhelmed by the temporary desire to just chat with a friend, to have something exciting happen, to see fruit for their labour! And yet these are the times that count so much towards the goal of reaching the lost. 

Pray with Philip and Vina that God will use this time in their lives and the Agutaynens lives to bring Him Glory. Pray that much will be learned over this time that God will use later in drawing others close to Him. Pray that many will come to know the joy of His truth.

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