A great privilege

The truths such as justification and sanctification that Paul brings out are so basic to a healthy Christian life, but yet are so often misunderstood. For David it is an awesome responsibility to communicate the Word of God clearly and precisely. Please pray for him that he may do just that so his students may all understand and with the enabling of the indwelling Holy Spirit, apply the Truth to their lives.
At the end of almost every class, David gives his students a question or two about the text of the following class so that they can think about it and be ready to learn. They have an excellent class on Bible interpretation, but some of them still struggle to think beyond the surface.
Chris has the whole group each week, jumping, running and climbing as they learn many English commands, verbs and lots of vocabulary. There is lots of laughter in that class. Chris also has two students in her Music Theory class and she is excited to see them begin to put the whole ‘puzzle’ of music together.
One of the students will graduate in June. Pray for her that she will know the Lord’s will for her life.
Each Saturday, the rest of the students are ‘reaching out’ to the children in a poor neighbourhood close by. Most of the children come from dysfunctional homes and their behaviour is difficult at times. Pray for this demanding ministry. Pray for the salvation of the children.
Pray for the students that they will learn to meditate on the Word and compare Scripture with Scripture and that they will apply what they are learning from the Word to their everyday lives.
David and Chris desire that their lives would be examples of the truth of the Word that they teach. Pray for them to have wisdom in preparing their classes.

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