A great feeling

Christopher and Lilli feel sorry for their teachers who have the mammoth task of reading all the write-ups of the six students and correcting them.
For the most part they both enjoyed the course, but Lilli suffered quite a lot from hay fever and is pregnant and so has at times felt her limitations. But looking back they can definitely say that they still have a faithful God who knows all their weaknesses and gives the right amount of strength at the perfect time! It was definitely an exercise for Christopher and Lilli to realise once again how dependent they are on Him!

Christopher and Lilli and daughter Linda’s time in England is coming to an end fairly soon. In three weeks’ time they’ll be back in Germany, not only for a few weeks but for a whole year. They are very much looking forward to their new baby, but also to being able to spend more time with friends and acquaintances whom they haven’t seen regularly over the past three years and just being able to attend different events again sounds thrilling to them!

Apart from all that, Christopher and Lilli are also looking forward to seeing what kind of ministries they’ll be able to get involved in. They will become members of New Tribes Mission Germany. However, the coming year is not just meant to be a year between their training in England and their departure to the mission field in Papua New Guinea (PNG), but is a time to put into practice what they have learned over the past years. This will also prepare them for the church planting ministry they hope to be involved in PNG.

Christopher and Lilli will spend most of their time working with their church in Frankfurt. After hearing and learning so much about cross cultural communications they have a real burden for working with refugees and hope that God will enable them to build relationships to eventually share the Gospel with them. Apart from that Christopher and Lilli are also very passionate about encouraging others to be excited about world missions. Last but not least they will spend quite a bit of time for all sorts of preparations before heading towards PNG in summer 2017 (that’s the plan for now).

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