A good report

Paul and Marina Briggs are thankful for the important role you play in their ministry in West Africa through prayer. Praise the Lord for the amazing things He continues to do among the Loron people.

Please continue to pray for Marina as she recovers from her mild heart attack. The cardiologist inserted two stents during an angioplasty, and Marina is now halfway through the recuperation process. Her walking schedule has increased to around 30 minutes a day, and her stamina is gradually improving. Thank you for your prayers.

Praise the Lord for a good report recently from the literacy coordinator among the Loron people. Some new villages, including one quite a distance away, have requested literacy-teacher training and literacy materials. Pray for wisdom in how to best help them learn how to read and write in their own language.

Pray for the Loron translation team members as they prepare to check a revision of the book of Mark, and as they go through a myriad of checks before the New Testament is printed, Lord willing, next year.