A good read

Recently on a Sunday, Jonathan and Heidi Bamford enjoyed doing something that they have not been able to do for a long time – they distributed a new portion of the Isnag New Testament. They are excited to be able to hand the book of Philippians to their Isnag friends in their own language.

Lord willing, they will be publishing another nine new Isnag books in the next few weeks. It is rice harvest and many of the people will be living out at their rice fields. Jonathan and Heidi encouraged them to take the book of Philippians with them and to read it when they are resting.

They are blessed to have their co-workers, the Maynard family, with them for a few weeks. David did a great job of introducing the book of Philippians and teaching from it.

Prayer and Praise:

• Pray that God will guide them as they work to publish the next nine books and as they prepare Hebrews and James for the next consultant check.

• Pray that the book of Philippians will help their Isnag friends grow in their faith.

• Pray that they will be a blessing and encouragement to those around them.

Thank you for your prayers.