A furlough like no other

Part of them wanted to hide at the thought of the goodbyes; the packing and the journey back to the Philippines. The other part wanted to jump in excitement at the thought of seeing their dear friends in the Philippines and to be back in their own home. And above all to begin the teaching! They found themselves stuck between two worlds; between delight and despair. But also found it a great place to be!

When Philip and Vina were planning their furlough they asked the Lord to keep them busy with many opportunities to talk about His goodness. And He has not disappointed! They have been busier than they ever imagined they could be. In the last ten months they have been in three countries, five provinces, stayed in over 30 different homes (some of them more than once). They shared about their ministry every Sunday except for four Sundays. They have been part of countless Bible Studies, growth groups, women’s meetings, men’s breakfasts, schools, prisons and squatter camps. Their daughter Val, got baptised and they have seen 29 people give their lives to the Lord! They had their car stoned, Phil was hit by a car, their son Boeta fell off a horse, Vina was bitten by a dog and yet they live to talk about how good God is! What an amazing furlough!

The Lord has also blessed them with many wonderful experiences; walking with lions and elephants and petting a cheetah and lots of other touristy things. But a favourite has been the many times they spent in fellowship with people in their homes.

Philip and Vina’s only regret is time. They just ran out of it! There were so many people they wanted to spend more time with, but just couldn’t get it scheduled. Some they had to cancel after Philip’s accident.

Please pray for Philip and Vina and family as they seek to serve the Lord in the Philippines, they know that it’s not a work they do alone. They are so thankful for your prayers and support in many different ways. Please keep praying for them!

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