A full cup

For Phil and Vina le Roux, who serve among the Agutaynen people in the Philippines, summer has arrived! The weather report saying “feels like 40+ degrees Celsius.”

Thankfully, the weather was much milder when their Pastor visited last month. It was such a blessed visit and Phil and Vina are still reaping the benefits of fellowship with him and his wise, godly counsel. They praise the Lord for the opportunity to show him the work on Agutaya and to get his feedback. They are feeling refreshed, encouraged and grateful after this visit! They also had the wonderful blessing of being able to attend the wedding of a dear brother and sister in Christ in Manila, and attend a house warming of dear friends, several Bible studies and had lots of time for fellowship. Their cup is full!

This past month has been challenging, especially for Vina as a mother. Two of their children Angie and Boeta ended up in the A & E (separately) and managed to total up five visits between the two of them. This was especially hard being so far away. They are thankful to the Lord that both of them are much better. They are thankful that they have medical insurance, which is a requirement of the government for all students. Pray for a good outcome as they have submitted the very hefty bills to the insurance company and are waiting to hear if they will cover all the costs (or any). Pray also for their family’s health and protection. A dear friend has been helping with the insurance bills in the USA and has been a huge blessing to Vina, even sending a care package to Angie.

Farm Church is going well. Phil and Vina are so encouraged and humbled to see the Pastor and his wife’s faithfulness to the ministry and to see the familiar faces that gather weekly together. Please keep them in your prayers. Pray for some financial support for the Pastor and for a church building for these precious  brothers and sisters in Christ.

Please continue to pray for the Pastor and his wife at Bredell Bible Church. Pray that the Lord will sustain them as they seek to serve Him well.

Agutaya Bible Church (ABC) is still doing well! The past month they have learned the true meaning of the word “saint.”

It will soon be the 100th  anniversary of their island municipality. The island is really busy with lots of visitors and next week they will do tribal street dancing and many activities to celebrate. Phil and Vina are hoping this will not interfere too much with the outreach teaching. Please pray for good attendance and open hearts. Especially as some tough truths will challenge them greatly in the near future.

Thanks and praises:

The Agutaynen Bible Church has been really faithful in their attendance despite the many temptations to stay away during this celebration season. Some families in the church are very involved and can be counted on in Phil and Vina’s absence.

The firm foundations teaching in Manila (that Phil helps with on Mondays) is being received well despite a very challenging last lesson. They are looking into various options for a property to build a permanent church building on.

Pray for:

  • The outreach teaching. Pray for them to embrace truth and put old traditions aside.
  • The three church plants. Pray they will grow greatly in faith and knowledge of the Saviour.
  • Continued good health and endurance to serve well.
  • Their kids as they also seek to grow in faith and wisdom.
  • For Angie and Boeta’splans for the summer break. They will be needing a place to stay for May and June and will volunteer at Rock Haven (where their sister Val serves) for July.
  • The Lord’s guidance and provision for a permanent church building for ABC.
  • The members of their church who have left for work in other places. Pray they will reach out to others with their faith and that they will find good churches to join.