A faithful God

During New Year’s Eve, Regina met her ‘Host Family’. They have four little daughters. They are active members of the church. Through them Regina will learn how Senegalese people think, solve problems, their values and traditions, family life and so forth. God has worked things out wonderfully and Regina will be moving soon, there is already an apartment picked out. The place is very close to her host family and she can walk to the church and to class.

Regina thanks God for her language helper/nurturer. Every day they meet, they talk, pray, read a few Bible verses and then practice French. Usually she tells Regina a story that they both know, for example “Hansel and Gretel” or she tells her about a video, which they watched before or a Bible story. Regina records it with her mobile phone and they listen to it together. If she doesn’t understand something, she pauses it and asks questions; a then her language helper writes down the new words. They also do “shared experiences”, for example they go to the market and afterwards her language helper recounts what they experienced. When Regina speaks French she listens patiently and corrects or adds to her sentences. Please pray for her language helper and that she could be a blessing to her too.

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