A different kind of pet

For years this disabled man has been reliant on others to push him from his house in the morning to the local village market, where he spends most of his day, and to an outhouse when needed. If he desired to go beyond the normal ‘home range’, he would have to pay someone to push him there and back as nothing is done for free or out of sheer compassion. Since the seat of his current wheel chair wore out a long time ago, it has been improvised by fastening plastic animal feed type bags to the frame which can be replaced as they wear out. The rubber on the wheels have also been worn out for a couple of years now and have been filled with branches from coffee trees to fill in the space and then wrapped tightly with strips of rubber inner tube to secure them to the rims.
With the assistance of an organisation called Gift of Mobility, the North Waghi missionary team were able to help this disabled man gain a bit more independence through the use of a Personal Energy Transportation (PET) device. As the village is rather large and spread out, the disabled man and his family live a distance away. In the past years, there have been some requests from his family for the missionaries to teach them God’s Word. The missionaries hope that this will be a tool the Lord uses to open that door for him, his family, and others in their immediate community to come and hear the teaching when the missionary team are able to go and teach them.

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