A different direction

Their hearts desire was to work in a tribal situation and the Lord has blessed them tremendously by giving them the opportunity to start the work in North Wahgi with their co-workers Dan and Rachel Hulley. Andrew and Nelli with their children Debi and Josh really enjoyed the work and have learned a lot from all they experienced. The highlight of it all was for them to see people delivered from darkness to light. They also enjoyed working with and discipling men who are now brothers in Christ and who carry on the work with their co-workers.
Not to return to the tribal work was a very hard decision for them as a family, but they know without a shadow of a doubt that the Lord had them there for His given time. He used their time in PNG and at home to prepare them for the next task ahead. They have had a hard time letting go of the place and ministry they know and love not knowing what lies ahead, but again the Lord used His Word, specifically the life of Abraham to encourage them. Abraham left the familiar past behind and simply trusted God for his future. That’s what God wants us to do, to trust Him and to wait on Him for the next step. Andy and Nelli know that wherever He takes them, it will be according to His will, which is the best place to be.
Pray as Andy and Nelli continue to seek God’s Will and follow His guidance. In the meantime, they are involved in teaching Creation to Christ in the community etc., which has been going really well.
The children are doing great. Debi is happy to have finished the AQE tests and they are very proud of her getting such a fantastic result. She is also now doing an advanced swimming course and enjoying it very much. Debi just got her 1000m badge. Joshua has gone football mad.  He goes to football at his school one evening a week. He has also just started swimming lessons and is doing really well and is overcoming his fear of water.
Nelli’s health situation has been a slow progress, but they are so thankful for the slight improvement she has experienced. The consultants have told them that at this stage there is no real help available and so they continue to trust the Lord for the future and for His help. He is the great physician and they trust in Him.
Andrew and Nelli’s co-worker s in the North Wahgi tribe of Papua New Guinea: continue to teach the believers through the book of Romans. There are a good group of believers attending the teaching and they are growing in their faith. Praise God for the hunger that is apparent in several of the believers. They are standing more boldly for Christ and challenging others to believe in God’s Word and God’s road through Christ alone! A couple of the men, who have been very faithful from the beginning, have shown interest in being involved in the teaching and have helped along the way. Pray for ongoing good relationships with the village family and village people and for protection.

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