A desire for lireracy

One neighbour had cleaned Ans’ house and her other neighbours gave her a warm welcome. It was good for Ans to see everybody again. After only five days in the village she went with her colleagues, the Bryants, to Hamdallaye for a five day workshop about how to make Bible lessons in the local language. It was a good workshop and in the late afternoons she visited around in Hamdallaye where she had lived for 15 years. She also visited the village where she had lived with a Landuma family for several years. They really appreciated Ans taking the time to visit them.
Ans would like to start a new literacy class, this time in her own village with some older kids. The people are not very open to learning to read and write in their own language because they say that the missionaries only teach them in order to draw them into their religion. Ans hopes her neighbour can help get people motivated to let their children join the class and also that she will help Ans teach. She is a good reader and was motivated from the moment Ans started to teach her.
Ans is still working on becoming a better Landuma speaker, but her real desire is to get people interested in learning how to read and write in their own language. This way, if they have an interest in reading Gods Word, they will be able to do it easily. Pray that the Lord will direct and show Ans how to go about exciting people to learn to read and write.
During the workshop in Hamdallaye, Ans was asked by the West-African literacy consultant if she would be interested in joining her as a consultant as well. This means that she is going to teach Ans how to help teams develop a literacy programme for the local people they are working with. Ans’ first trip with her will be probably in October.
Pray for Ans as she lives out her daily life as a witness for the Lord in the village.

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