A defeated foe

Aaron and Amy Speitelsbach, serve among the Glarro people in Liberia, West Africa. Aaron has almost finished drafting the lesson on the plagues. His two helpers visited often enough to help him smooth out his Glarro in the last two lessons. Next, he will start drafting a lesson on the Passover. After that, he plans to revisit some older lessons and work on them until they reach a “finished” stage.

Recently, Aaron made a quick supply trip to the next decent sized town, (three hours away). He is now back online again after purchasing a new phone.

After another bout of malaria, Aaron is physically somewhat fit again, although he still gets exhausted easily.

Amy continues on with her literacy classes, and was also able to do a comprehension check with a group of ladies on a translated chapter of John. Their co-worker Lesley is currently working on translating the Gospel of John.

Amy is also working on writing up the final draft of the discourse analysis.

Besides that, the burden of the work becomes overwhelming at times and frustration trails right behind. It seems the enemy is ramping up efforts to discourage, bog down, and distract them.

They thank God:

–              That He is the Almighty One and has already defeated Satan.

–              That He wants to use people in spite of their failure.

–              For His love for all people.

–              That they are fit enough and be able to work.

Please pray:

–              For encouragement for everyone in their team, as they seek to continue the work.

–              For the lesson development process, that they will listen to God and let Him lead them in making the lessons to the best of their ability.

–              That God will be drawing the people to Himself who hear His Word through the Bible comprehension checking, and through helping Aaron with writing the Bible lessons in Glarro.

Thank you for your prayers for Aaron, Amy, and the Glarro.