A decision is made

After much prayer and talks with the fields and leaders Simon and Annika have decided to return home, to PNG!

The Lord could have used their willingness to serve Him in either country, but Simon and Annika wanted to be faithful with the work the Lord has given them and if possible, see it to completion. That being said, they are not able to return until late summer 2017, which means they are able to serve at North Cotes College for another year. 

Simon and Annika have seen the Lord’s hand in all of this though, as recently one of the main teachers in the Bible school has been unable to continue teaching. Simon has been able to step in and take over many of the classes. And allows their children another year in a good school to really cement the things they have learned before beginning home schooling with mummy.

Last term Simon taught from Romans,one of his toughest classes. Although it took him a lot of time to study, prepare, and teach he has really enjoyed the challenge and conversations with students that it has ignited.

The work among the Mengen continues. There are currently three church plants and some more requests for missionaries. There aren’t enough Bible teachers to send so please pray the Lord would raise up many faithful men with a desire to see their fellow Mengen brothers and sisters hear the Good News!

Pray for the three young families as they continue on at home in the mother church and in the two church plants. Simon and Annika praise the Lord for these men and women and their faithfulness to see God’s Word reach the rest of the Mengen people. Pray that the Lord would equip them in their ministries and mould them daily to become more and more like Him. Also, pray for Simon and Annika’s co-workers the Laureti’s as they continue to work alongside the church to see the Mengen people saved!

Pray for Simon, Annika, Nya, Noah, Karis and Judah as they start to prepare for returning to PNG for example finding a workable home-schooling curriculum, etc.

Pray for the trainee Mengen Bible teachers, especially as one of them is experiencing seizures; pray the doctors can help him.

Pray for Simon as he studies, prepares and teaches the students at North Cotes College and also for the students as they make plans as to whether to continue on in the training or their next step.

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