A clear goal

Anticipation mixed with uncertainty, excitement and nervousness…these terms described Christopher and Lilli Meyer’s emotions as they moved to live among the Kaje people.

They left their home in Wewak where they had lived for seven months; a place that they loved. Although they had, and still have, mixed emotions they also have a clear goal – to glorify God with their lives and work alongside Him to accomplish His plan. For Christopher and Lilli and their co-workers that means that hopefully many Kaje people will become disciples of Christ over the next years and will then have the same goal: to live for God’s glory.

Their biggest encouragement is that God himself will give them the strength they need for this task. And they totally depend on that! Because the next few weeks and months are going to be very challenging. They have not moved into their own nice new jungle-house – that doesn’t exist yet. They will be living in their co-worker’s office for about eight weeks. Christopher and co-workers’ Jon and Taylor along with some Kaje volunteers will mill lumber for their house two days a week. The rest of the time will be used for the ongoing ministries. Taylor will continue with Bible translation and Jon will continue with literacy. Christopher and Lilli with will focus on getting settled, meeting their new Kaje neighbours and start building relationships with them. And of course, a whole new language is waiting to be learned.

Similar to what they did during their training in England at North Cotes College, Christopher, Lilli and children Linda and Silas are going to live rather simply these next weeks. They will have a limited power supply, no running water, no oven, fridge or freezer and have very little privacy. But as they strive towards a goal they know why they are doing it and that it’s worth everything. And because of Christopher and Lilli are happy to do it.

All the supply buying, planning, packing, etc. has been quite a stretch. Christopher and Liili needed to take enough supplies in to last for the next two months, within the weight limit for the helicopter. Their co-workers have been a tremendous help! They have lived in the jungle for a few years now and have a lot of experience and advice. They are truly looking forward to working alongside them and hope to be a help and blessing.

After the eight weeks living in the office, Christopher and Lilli plan to go back to an NTM base to buy all the house building supplies. They have already ordered all the other things which aren’t available in PNG (e.g. solar system). It is their prayer that everything will arrive in time for when they need it and it would be wonderful if things arrive unbroken from the shipment. They hope to have everything together by January, when they anticipate going back into Kaje to start building their house. Exciting times.

Thank you for being part of the team through prayer.