A church is born

It was an exciting day for the Callahans, Touschs and Williamsons as they concluded the life of Jesus with the death, burial and resurrection. They have all been waiting for so long to communicate the Gospel message to the people in a way that they would understand. This included a powerful drama and many helpful illustrations to explain the many things that Christ’s death did for us. Afterwards as they sat chatting with people it did not take long for the missionaries to see that the God has been faithful to save many people in the village. They still have to meet with people individually but here are a few quotes from some of those who were excited to share their happiness with us about what Jesus’ death means to them!

“God suffered and carried my pain; we heard the story of the blind man, I was blind but yesterday my eyes were open.” – R

“Before when people would greet me and ask me how I was, I would think, “How can I be all right, I’m full of sin.” I was thinking a lot about it. Now I am in God’s clan, God took me with Him and I am happy, now I can answer that I AM all right! We are all brothers and sisters now!” – F

“I believe that this is true. I was a sinner since I was born. I was born under Satan’s clan. Yesterday I heard the story of the Saviour who died for me and I believed it. Jesus died and said to His Father, ‘Why did You forsake Me?’ I understand what that means and I’m healed from my sin.” – M

“We have heard the stories and how we are separated from God. John the Baptist, when he saw Jesus, he said“Here is God’s lamb.” Yesterday we heard the story of the Saviour who died for us. It was big for me. God had mercy on us and came down to save us. He took our sin, he took MY sin, He was separated from God for me.” – A

“I was under Satan now I belong to Jesus” – C

“If I don’t believe, the separation between God and me will stay when I die, but I believe that this talk is true and that I am saved.” – G

“Jesus died. Jesus died for all my sins.” – S

“Jesus died for us, this is true for me too.” – B

“God’s love, God’s mercy it is very big for me. God is love and we cannot love more than Him. He is not like us and we are not like him. I’m thinking about that and it’s very important to me. Now I’m like a baby that got born under God, I am in His hands, I have no strength to grow.” – L

“Jesus suffered and died for me. I cannot do anything with my own strength to go to God, God sent Jesus to save me.” – V

“Jesus took my death.” – D

“Yesterday I heard Jesus’s story who died for me, it’s true for me, I will be in Satan’s clan, if I believe in Him, He will take me with Him.” – K

“This talk that we heard from the beginning that God would send a Saviour, now I understand it. He suffered for me and died for me, I believe it. It blows my mind. The death and resurrection of Jesus, if you believe it, you will be all right, and I believe it.” – T

“Before I use to try to go to God with my own strength. Before I could not kill my own sins, I tried but I could not. I was like a blind pig in the pigs fence since my mother gave birth to me, I could not do anything good, only bad things. I was in the pigs fence and you missionaries were out. For a while I thought that you would be the ones getting us out of it. But now I understand that there is only one way and that Jesus is the one saving us. I heard the story of Adam and of the promised Saviour. I heard that Jesus suffered and died for me, He got me out of that fence, took my sin and put me in His good fence, and the bad smell is over. Now I’m clean in God’s eyes. Now the door of the road that goes to God is open and I can go to Him!” – P

Continue to pray for this infant church and for the missionary team as they spend time with the people answering questions and sharing in their newfound joy.

Pray for André and Aurélie Tousch and family as they prepare for home assignment.

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