A change of heart

God is building His church among the Ese Ejja.

Each morning after devotions, Mike Riepma looks on his phone and reconnects with his Ese Ejja brothers who post updates, audios, videos and mostly positive reports from the seven different villages in Bolivia. Here he shares some of that good news.

A believer has come back to the Lord after living defeated for over twenty years. Each one of his six children has come to know the Lord and have been praying earnestly for their father. What a joy to hear recently how in tears he confessed his sins and his desire to walk in truth again.

A growing young believer became indifferent to hearing God’s Word for many years. What a joy for Mike and wife Cher to hear recently how he has repented and is walking with the Lord again. What a change of heart! Thank you Lord.

Their son’s best friend growing up was very close to their family. They saw so much potential in him. Ensnared by the world, he left his wife chasing after fame and pleasure. God is faithful. What a blessing to hear he has turned from his sinful ways and he is now following the Lord and loving his family.

Mike and Cher keep asking God for opportunities to bless others and help in their local church in the USA where they are currently on home assignment. The many new Christians in their town, reached through the outreach of the flood relief efforts, will be followed up with visits, which Mike and Cher hope to participate in. Mike is involved in discipleship classes for believers through the church and enjoys meeting new people.

Bolivian presidential elections have been postponed again until October due to the pandemic; this will further delay Mike and Cher’s scheduled return to Bolivia.

Thank you for your prayers.