A carer for Anna

Anna’s carer’s return is especially important, since Dubby is due for a hernia operation, with a week or so away afterwards to convalesce. Anna will need 24-hour care for several days.
Anna is not experiencing as many big uncontrolled movements these days, so the doctor thinks that they have hit upon a suitable type and level of Parkinson’s medication – so that is great! However, the medicines so often make her sleepy; she can nod off almost any time! She also finds if difficult to keep her balance, and sometimes falls. Thankfully, so far she has not been really hurt. The local occupational therapist has been very helpful in providing useful assistive equipment to help keep Anna mobile and safe.
Dubby’s work is plodding along as he adds songs and stories to various YouTube channels which will soon go public, and prepares teaching videos for young people.
Recently Dubby and Anna were able to make a trip to the Faroes. They visited three sets of uncles and aunts, several cousins and other friends, and also had the privilege of sharing God’s Word on eight occasions. The whole trip was well paced, so they had the right balance of activity and rest, and they were thankful for that time to reconnect with so many.

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