A busy year of travel

In Singapore Barrie met with faithful co-workers who are longing for replacements for him and Cherri. Please pray about this need. He will gladly assist a colleague from another organisation once again by teaching one module when he passes through Singapore again in July.
Barrie and Cherri have been wondering exactly how to define their ministry since they left Singapore. They have come up with the official job title of Southeast Asia Liaison to NTM/Global Partners International Ministries Team. That’s quite a mouthful. Abbreviated it’s possible to come up with the acronym SALT and, in the Biblical sense, that is a good description. Barrie and Cherri like to think of it as paralleling the work of Titus in the New Testament. He was assigned several projects during his years and was used to encourage many in differing situations. He was content to serve faithfully, helping others to succeed.
Barrie is happy to be home for the next month and can use Skype to contact his co-workers.
Pray for Cherri’s Mum, that her left elbow joint will not completely erode as her right elbow did. If that happens, she will be left without use of her arms or legs.

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