A Bitter/Sweet return to Canada!

Donovan and Charla Epp are thankful for all the love shown towards them in this time of grief and for holding them up as they work through unexpected situations. Their last three returns to Canada from the Philippines have been because of emergency and sickness. Returning to Canada in another emergency situation has again not been easy. It was only days after arriving in Alberta that they had the funeral service for Char’s dad. Her dad was remembered for being a strong, compassionate cowboy. He worked hard and trusted in Jesus which was evident in his life, as people shared stories of Char’s dad.
Most of Don and Char’s time in Canada has been spent in Alberta on the farm with Char’s mum. They have enjoyed sharing their work with churches in Alberta, and they have in turn been encouraged as they continue to look forward to their return to the Philippines. It has been a treat for their kids to spend time with their ‘Granny’ and be a part of life on the farm. They have enjoyed the Alberta ‘winter’ (more like a Manitoba spring), playing in the mountains with friends, snowboarding and of course sitting in the farm hot tub on the cold evenings!
On the farm, most of Don and Char’s time has been spent helping pack the farm up. Since no one is taking over the family business, the farm will be shutting down, meaning all the farm equipment needs to be sold. They have been doing their best to help, with cleaning out garages with years of tool collections, and getting the tractors and equipment cleaned and ready to be sold. An auction will take place this week. Pray that there will be good weather and a good turnout of people. After the auction and pick up of equipment, Don and Char plan to move to Manitoba for several months to see friends and family before heading back to the Philippines. They hope they can share with many about the exciting progress that has been made in the Dupaninan Agta work. Please pray for Don and Char as they look for a place to stay in Winkler from May – July.
Recently a Dupaninan Agta man, a language helper of Don’s in the early years, passed away. They had not seen him for the last five years, as he moved his family down the coast. From what they know of him, he still had not understood the Gospel message of grace. Please continue to pray for the Agta.

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