A big task

Philip and Natalie’s son Matteo was stillborn on the 15th September and even though it was a very hard time, they see God’s goodness and His love. Matteo means ‘the Lord’s gift’ and reminds them of Job 1:21. They are thankful for the time they had with him. They are also very thankful for God’s family who have been a tremendous blessing to them!

After a week of recovering in Cairns, Philip and Natalie were ready to move forward with ministry plans.
Right now, Natalie and co-worker Gerdine are, on the NTM mission station, at Sobega. Their husbands
(Philip and Steve) have left on a nine-day survey with an NTM representative to do a survey trip on the western side of the Gulf Province.

This people group they are praying about, is actually a chain of three related languages as similar to each other as English, Dutch and German. Apart from Pidgin, they speak another trade language – Motu. They will have to learn that too. The land is swampy and the climate is very hot and humid. This people group is estimated to have around 3000 people. Lots of crocodiles and mosquitos live there and they also seem to have a major problem with tuberculosis.

NTM’s first survey that touched this people group was over ten years ago. It has been said that, it is too remote to get there and to get supplies for living out there. Depending on how this survey goes, the Hansens and Stanleys would all like to go for another visit (maybe December). This would be to start building relationships and to consider where to move to and build their houses.

This is a big task and only through the Lord’s strength can they accomplish anything of value. Also, they are hoping to have a third missionary unit to join their team of two couples.

After the survey, two nurses (Natalie’s friends and colleagues from Germany) will visit them and are hoping to be involved in any way they can and also see the country for a month.

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