A big contrast

Steve and Gerdine Stanley with Oscar are on home assignment for the birth of their twin babies. Their consultant in the UK has let them know that they will not let the pregnancy go beyond 37 weeks (the end of March). Gerdine feels like she has no more room to grow! Please pray for a safe delivery.

So much uninterrupted time at home is a big contrast to living in the bush! Steve has taken the time to chew on the language data and has done some linguistic hokey-pokey to make a first suggestion of an alphabet for the language (it is a verbal language and has not been written before). These are the characters has come up with so far to make up the Kovol alphabet:

P t k b d g m n ng v s l y w

i e a u o a ai

Steve is also investigating ways to do a Kovol spell checker.

Steve and Gerdine have been enjoying the world of zoom calls for the first time! (They avoided it in PNG) They are busy giving presentations on the Kovol work over zoom and they think it is going well. It is hard to tell when you cannot see people’s faces staring into a webcam!