A beautiful thing

The other week Albert and Lynne Castelijn saw the sweetest thing. They were sitting in the regular Sunday meeting of Banwaon believers. They wondered if a believer whose husband was buried only a few days earlier would be there. Sure enough, she was sitting in her usual place directly across from them. Quietly flanking her were two sweet godly women, who usually sit next to Albert and Lynne. Without any fuss or ado, this week they were simply there for her. One on each side: loving her, supporting her, showing solidarity, feeling her pain being there. It was a beautiful thing.

Her serene spirit in the wake of her husband’s unexpected and traumatic death was very touching. She shared: “Amay Becky (Albert), sometimes I find myself just crying because I miss my husband so much. But even back when he was ill and our hospital expenses were so big, I KNEW people must be praying for us. I cry to the Lord for help, and each time He sends a peace. You know – diya ta didalum – deep down inside of me. I can’t explain it. But it’s from God.” Even in the pain of grief, they and the entire community are also experiencing this special peace that passes understanding. It is a beautiful thing.

The expenses incurred by her husband’s hospitalisation, brain surgery and death were shockingly high.

“But God ….” Without them even putting out an appeal, God touched hearts of people in Australia and America, missionary colleagues, believers in a neighbouring tribal community, local Government offices, the extended family emptying their savings, and a deduction from the city hospital. There was enough to pay it all.

They are so very, very grateful to God for His provision and to everyone who was a conduit of that help – brothers and sisters in Christ, most of whom they have never met, from all around the world.

It is truly a beautiful thing.

In a world of sadness, challenges and onslaught from life and the enemy, there are most definitely still many beautiful things.

God is at work.

He is a great, big, beautiful, prayer-answering, faithful God! Praise Him!