Resolution needed

Due to the recent violent land dispute, including the death of a man, the missionary team in the Glarro, Liberia, had to take a break from teaching Bible lessons for three weeks. However, they were able to teach again last Saturday night. Unfortunately, they then got rained out on Sunday night.

They taught on the ten commandments and the lesson was well followed. A couple of times the whole group became really quiet. Missionary, Aaron Speitelsbach believes it was because they realised that they will not be able to make themselves acceptable to God by simply being better than others.

The land dispute between the village and the neighbouring one is not resolved yet. Retribution for the death and injuries is being sought by the villagers through the governmental judicial system. The court date is scheduled for August. Those who were injured have been released from the hospital and Aaron brought them back to the village. Things have calmed down and people have started going about their normal business. Yet, many are still fearful. However, there seems to be hard feelings on both sides, and the conflict is far from being resolved.

The missionary team is wondering what God is planning to accomplish through this and are asking Him to direct them, as to what role/part they should have in it all.

Besides that, the team is staying busy with working on unfinished Bible lessons and Amy is teaching her afternoon reading classes for a few more weeks until the summer break.

Mosquitos are plenty these days, and Aaron and Amy were down with malaria for a couple of days last week.

Please pray:

– For those who attend the Bible teaching, that God’s Word will continue to have an impact on their hearts.

– That others will return to hear God’s Word as they continue to teach.

– That they can make the best out of the past events, and that God will show them how.


– That the situation with the neighbouring village has not further escalated.

– That after the break about the same number of people attended last Saturday’s bible teaching, to listen to His Word.

Thank you for your prayers for the missionary team and the Glarro people!