Serious effort

Andy and Chrissy Shaub serve among the Awa people of Ecuador. Recently, they held a ‘graduation’ for a twelve-week junior Bible study with their 9-12-year-old group who were proud to show how they could both read and write. Now they are ready to take the more intensive Bible study course next year.

Although they have had fun with translation this month, all their planned sessions with Awa speakers did not materialise! One session abruptly ended because a church workday was scheduled. The next session abruptly ended when a child fell and broke his arm. The boy had to be taken to the city. It was discovered that he had a double fracture and he had to wait in the hospital for six days until the right supplies could be found to complete the needed surgery. Thank the Lord that he and his mum, who is also their language helper, are now home and he is healing well.

For the Awa, when something bad happens, they think about what they may have done in the past weeks or months that broke taboos or was spiritually dangerous. This is animism.
In order for the Awa church to become mature, the Awa believers need to see God as lovingly in control. If they believe so completely that God is more powerful than other spirits, they will be able to step out from the group and assume positions of service and leadership – whatever the risk.

Prayer Requests:

• Keep praying for translation helpers! That they can find Awa people with the abilities and availability to work on the translation, and for creative thinking on Andy and Chrissy’s part too!

• Pray that they can find a way for the lady whose son fractured his arm, to have input in the translation work. She is a busy mum and farms her land, too. Pray for a renewal of friendship as they have not seen her since the child’s accident.

• Their continued request for people to serve in the church, especially for men.


• They are very thankful for the students’ serious effort and good progress in writing in Awa!