Prayer – the best solution

For Aaron and Amy Speitelsbach, who serve God among the Glarro people in Liberia, West Africa, the last couple of weeks were pretty much routine, with a few “special” events. They had hit a low point in attendance for the Bible teaching, on Saturday a week ago. It was quite discouraging, and Aaron was asking himself what they could, or should do differently.

To pray more seems to be the best solution, but when discouraged, even that becomes a struggle. However, last weekend the numbers were back up, and most of them followed the lessons well, (while a few fell asleep.) They had ended the Passover lesson with telling them, “Just like God provided the Israelites with a way out, we too need God to provide a way for us to be saved.”

This weekend the lessons will be on the crossing of the Red Sea and the arriving of the Israelites at Mount Sinai. Aaron will be teaching those lessons, as Guy and his family are taking a short break in Monrovia.

Aaron and Amy handed out the Christmas presents and school supplies that their home church in the USA had sent. There was enough for all of the 137 kindergarten and primary aged students in the local school. Later, several parents thanked them and told them to also thank those who had sent these supplies and gifts.

Last Friday, Aaron had a hospital run at 5am. A lady who was pregnant with twins, gave birth to one, but the other did not follow. With no proper equipment, the family wanted Aaron to take her to the nearest hospital (two-and-a-half hours away). There, they ended up doing a C-section. All three seem to be doing well. (Besides being horrified about the hospital fees.)

Amy’s afternoon literacy classes are going well. Currently there are no evening classes which gives them a little breathing room.

They thank God:

– That the previous two weekends were dry enough to meet under the tree and teach the lessons.

– For bringing people back to the teaching and stirring their hearts.

– For some interest shown in the teaching by a few people with whom they were able to have individual conversations with this past week.

Please pray:

– That they can keep up with the lessons and the teaching as Aaron and Amy will be the only ones in the village for a couple of weeks.

– For renewed strength and joy in the Lord, that spills over and does not leave room for discouragement.

– That the truths heard will sink into their friends’ hearts and minds.

Thank you for your prayers for missionary team and the Glarro people!