Teaching delayed

Aaron and Amy Speitelsbach serve among the Glarro people in Liberia, West Africa. They had a wonderful time with family in both Germany and the USA on their short break. It just seemed a bit short because of all the travelling in between. Aaron still has some minor issues with fluid in his middle ear, caused by a cold and the pressure changes during one of their flights.

In Monrovia, Liberia, they were able to get several of their papers renewed. Some went smoothly, others did not get done. They plan to renew those outstanding in April when they are back in the capital.

A change of plans meant that instead of going back to the village, Aaron and Amy flew to Senegal for some meetings at the mission’s field headquarters. They will spend nine days there and plan to arrive in the village early next month.

Their co-workers were delayed in leaving the USA due to a snowstorm. They rescheduled and arrive in Liberia this week. Aaron and Amy will most likely be in the village before them though, as they too must get several things done in Monrovia before they can travel down to Glarro land.

Although they intended to start teaching at the end of this month, it will now have to begin in February.

School is well under way in the village and the ladies that Amy had trained have taken on the task of teaching the afternoon classes. They will need some help and guidance when Aaron and Amy return, but for now things seem to be running somewhat ok.

Patrick has been manning the office in the village while they have been away. They were able to send him some things via email that he can work on.

Thankful to God:

That they were able to attend Amy’s brother’s wedding and spend some time with family, despite picking up some viruses.
That travel has gone smoothly so far, and that they were able to get most of their paperwork done in Monrovia before leaving there.
That the Glarro literacy classes have kept going while they are away.

Please pray:

For Aaron’s ear to heal before they go back to the village.
That the meetings in Senegal will be profitable, and they will all have good fellowship together and be a mutual encouragement to one another.
That they will be able to start teaching in the village in February.

Thank you for your prayers!