Tears and joys

Andrew, Joanna, and family have been back in Asia-Pacific for three months. A new missionary family moved in with them for a couple of months. The family who originate from Singapore, have two little boys, and have now moved to a house a few minutes’ drive away. Andrew and Joanna reflect on the time they had together under one roof with thankfulness and joy as they all got on so well, and the children who are of a similar age had a lot of fun.

The new dormitory building for the young people is finished. The beds, kitchen equipment and wardrobes from the old dorm have been transported over to the new location. The new dorm parents (leaders) have settled in very well and have been a huge blessing to everyone.

Since their return to Asia-Pacific there have been a few hospital visits due to accidents in the dorm, a missionary friend and co-worker died of cancer, they have endured sickness in their own family, and had some sad news from family back home. However, in the midst of all of this they see the greatness and lovingkindness of their heavenly Father who encourages them through His Word and the prayers of His people.

Andrew and Joanna’s house helpers have returned and they are so thankful for their help, and the relationships that they have developed with them over the years. Sadly, their younger house helper’s little boy of only six months old, died of an infection.

Andrew had the privilege to be part of their regional conference with all their workers in the region they serve. A blessing for him to see everyone together.

As a family they had a wonderful time celebrating the ‘National Independence day’. With lots of space at their house it was a privilege for them to host everyone from the dorm for fun, games and some food in their garden.

Local co-workers invited Andrew to join them for a trip to a village about 15 hours car journey from them. A new church was born there last year and it was a joy for him to meet the people there at the end of July. Another three-day trip to a Lauje village happened in the beginning of September. Andrew accompanied missionaries from a different team as they introduced the work done via Ethnos360 in the villages to a local town pastor.

A senior missionary is visiting them now allowing Andrew to fly interior to meet some of their former dorm teenagers, some of whom are now married and with children. Although planned, Joanna and the children were unable to join for the trip, as Joanna has been sick with flu.  Andrew and a team of youth workers will afterwards fly to a different village for a regional, annual conference. Meetings for everyone will happen during the day. Tournaments will be organised in the afternoons and youth meetings held in the evening. Andrew and the team are planning to return at the end of September.

The six young people that started Bible school last month have settled well and have made some new friends.

They are thankful:

For a good established routine.

For God’s help with all the ups and downs.

For Chloe´s recovery from typhoid and Joanna from a bad sinus infection.

For the new dorm building; new young people and new dorm parents.

For seeing the efforts to spread God’s Word in the part of the world where they serve.

Please pray:

For Andrew and Joanna’s involvement with the young people. Preparing Bible talks in the national language still takes a lot of extra effort and clearer communication as they get opportunities to practice speaking/sharing.

For the upcoming trip to a village at the end of September.

For continual, quality time, spent in God´s Word and in prayer every day.

Their kids, their schooling and language learning.

Thank you for standing with them in prayer.