Wayne and Patsy Gibson, recently left Colombia and are now settling in to an apartment at the Ethnos360 Retirement centre. The Lord provided a car, furniture and household items for setting up their new home. Presently they are on Home Assignment, and next April they will be officially retired from Ethnos360.

Years ago, they asked for prayer that the Lord would raise up faithful Piapoco men and women to teach His Word and to carry on His work of evangelism and discipleship. What an encouragement to realise the Lord answered prayer. Thank you for praying, for them and for the Piapocos during this time of turning over the ministry into their hands.

The Piapoco team of Bible teachers have relocated to a key village upriver where there happens to be fairly good internet service, schools for their children, and land for planting gardens. They loaded up Wayne and Patsy’s office equipment, printers, Bible lessons, commentaries, materials, and a new desktop computer. Wayne and Patsy had trained them to use the computer and to communicate with them over the internet, which they have done twice since they arrived in the USA. The team arrived safely to the village with the loaded canoe, after three days of river travel with insufficient gasoline. However, the Lord provided for them.

Farewells to Piapoco brethren, whom they have known for 46 years, went well, with the confidence of meeting again someday in heaven. As they prepared to leave the Piapoco village where they lived they were blessed to leave the house, furniture, appliances, bedding, and dishes, etc, for the team of missionaries who work with the Maco tribe of a neighbouring country.

Many have followed this journey with them for the past 50 years, and prayer has been a vital part in seeing the Piapoco Christians thrive. Thank you for being a part.