Open hearts

Simon and Annika Flanagan with Nya, Noah, Karis, Judah and Ethan had a great time at the support centre celebrating Christmas and New Year with friends and co-workers. It was very busy for them but they found a way to take a few days to do NOTHING, which was wonderful! They were also able to celebrate with their two new home school helpers, recently arrived from Germany.

Three and a half years ago, when they were finally able to return to PNG after a long six-year absence, home assignment was the last thing on their minds but it is now due. Their plan is to return at the end of this year and spend some time with their family and churches in Ireland, England, Scotland, Faroe Islands and America! Just thinking about all that travelling is tiring and not without worry. Pray that the Lord would provide what is needed (housing, cars, plane tickets, etc). Pray for Simon and Annika to be patient and wait on the Lord for His provision and timing.

As a family, they have been living among the Mengen people, working alongside the church, and trying to evaluate where they are at and what teaching is needed to help them grow in their walk with the Lord. Over the years (not just the three that they have been back with them), Simon and Annika have seen little authentic interest in God’s Word amongst the majority of the folks in the village where they live. The Gospel needs to go out to the whole Mengen people group! A small handful are keen, learning and growing. Simon and Annika love working alongside them and seeing them apply God’s truths in their lives. Pray for wisdom to know whether staying in this village when they return is their best option for the advancement of the Gospel or whether they should consider relocating to another Mengen village further away.

Another change that has taken place for them is that their family was asked last year to join the regional leadership team. Now when they travel out to the centre they are involved in more meetings and filling in the gaps there are in personnel, etc. It has been a time of learning, growing and stretching for sure!

Continue to ask God for open doors to the Gospel and for other villages to see their need for the Gospel. People were very interested in the New Testament in Mengen and the teaching the mission provides; Simon and Annika believe there are open hearts. Pray that God’s plan and timing would be perfectly clear to them.