Anna from Italy is preparing for missionary service in West Africa. Her plan is still to return in June, but she will look for tickets three months before and then the mission has to provide her with paperwork for the embassy in Italy that has to authorise her flight. Pray that everything goes smoothly.

Anna wanted to visit churches before she leaves, until now that has not been possible, but she trusts the Lord, He is in control and He knows what He is doing.

Anna has moved to the north of Italy. She is enjoying her time there even though it is hard to make friendships in a new place. She also enjoys time spent with her siblings and the Pastor’s family. Many families from church were not able to attend the services due to travel restrictions.

Every Thursday evening Anna meets via Zoom with six women (one is an unbeliever) of similar age for a devotional! These ladies are from different backgrounds, many of them did not know each other, so she organised a walk outside in order for them to meet. They are a blessing to each other. God put on Anna’s heart the desire to study with them the seven ‘I Am’ statements that Jesus declares in John’s Gospel and they have just studied the Good Shepherd.

Anna is repeatedly touched by God’s care and guidance and thankful for change in her life and His daily provision. She has been put in contact with a Congolese believer and is so joyful for the opportunity to join with other African’s for a Sunday service this week – the day when they start to meet in person, how cool is that!