Answered prayer

Ragnar and Elizabeth Niclasen have recently returned to the Philippines after a period of home assignment. They thank the Lord and those who prayed with them about motorcycles for two faithful Kankanaey Bible teachers. Not only did He provide one motorcycle, but one for each of them. It is just amazing to see how God works. God provided in ways that they never would have imagined – but why should they be surprised? How great is God – and how generous are His people!

This is something very new and exciting for the two men as neither one has even tried to drive one. However, as they are middle-aged men, Ragnar and Elizabeth are sure it will come very easily. They have sent word to them to start working on getting their drivers licenses. Using the motorcycles will save them many hours each week as they travel to the various Kankanaey churches in faraway locations.

One of the men has been travelling to a village every second weekend to teach a small group of believers. In the beginning, there were about six people. Now several others have joined the group and it has grown to 29.  It takes two days to get to this village – a journey that could be made in three to four hours by motorcycle. Pray for these meetings.