Latin America

Jonathan and Rachel Willcock were recently able to spend time with family in the USA on their way to provide some consultant training in Mexico. They had a lot of fun and, although Jonathan did some preparation work most days, they were able to have some days out as well. They also got to visit with other friends and help with some language questions for some missionaries who were on home-assignment from Ecuador.

They have now been in Mexico for a week. Jonathan started teaching Monday morning, training new consultants from 8.30am until 1.30pm each day. He loves teaching and is well prepared, but would still appreciate your prayers, as it is a heavy schedule and can be hard on his voice especially in this dry, desert climate.

This training will continue for another week and they will be staying in the mission guesthouse in the city of Chihuahua during that time. After this, they will be moving to the “Ranch” (the missionary training centre) where they will be running another workshop for missionary trainers from six countries. Rachel is already helping with some of the food preparations for the 70 people who will be attending the workshop, working alongside some friends they worked with in Panama.