34 hours of travel

Steve and Gerdine Stanley with Oscar have made it to PNG! They had a long journey consisting of four back-to-back flights but they arrived happily and safely in PNG. All of their baggage made it too – apart from Steve’s £30 phone, they are glad it was not a smartphone or expensive tool or something!

Oscar did great. Of course, he became fed up of the whole ordeal but he had a great sleep and did not cry once on the eleven-hour flight from Germany to Hong Kong.

They are living in the same house that they stayed in before and it has been fun for them to be reunited with friends and co-workers.

Their co-workers travelled up from Madang to meet them and now they are set to start team talks. By end of this month they are hoping to make their team of three couples official and then they can move on to deciding which tribal group they will live among and when and how to move in. They are excited but before they can form move on, a team strategy statement needs to be written up.